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I know, I know – you’re pregnant, you’re tired, you’re not necessarily feeling your best, but let me convince you why you need to get in front of the camera in all your pregnant glory. I’m not going to go into the obvious, “you need to document this fleeting time… blah, blah, blah,” because of course, that’s a given. I’m going to give you 5 reasons you may not have thought about to consider maternity photography.

Your body looks damn good.

I’m not kidding, and I’m not saying it as a female empowerment thing either (though that’s another great reason) but I’m telling you, your body looks beautiful. The first trimester sickness is gone, you have color in your cheeks again, your hair is thick and shiny, and your boobs look phenomenal. Why WOULDN’T you want to document this? This may be one of the few times you feel comfortable not “sucking it in” because you’re not supposed to! We want to see all the roundness of your belly and to hell with stretch marks and full cheeks. You may not feel your best when you’re pregnant, but a professional photographer will certainly help you look your best. We use lighting and angles to your advantage. You may see your changing body in a way you’ve never noticed before and it will feel good!

Pregnant woman by window

Your child will thank you.

I’m downright bummed that the only photo I have of my mother pregnant is her looking miserable in a tent-dress. Thanks mom, I’m glad you loved carrying me inside you for 9 months, that joy on your face really makes me feel wanted. Of course, I’m kidding. Your kids will know you love them whether or not you document your pregnancy with maternity photography, but I would have really enjoyed to see more pictures of my mom pregnant. Whether all dressed up and looking radiant, or cozy with her feet up reading a book about baby names or why you should give up smoking while you’re pregnant (it was the 70’s ya’ll.)

Mom and son maternity session

It’s fun!

Ask anyone who has had a maternity session with me, it’s fun. I promise. Whether we do something with the whole family or we focus just on you, I will make it fun and painless. Maternity sessions are laid-back, tailored to you, and best of all – quick! You really don’t need 164 images of you at 32 weeks pregnant. 20 beautiful deliberate ones will do the trick. It gives you an excuse to go shopping (or not), do your hair and makeup (or not), and do something for YOU. There are simply no rules for maternity sessions. I want to capture your pregnancy how you want to remember it, whether it’s in athletic clothes doing yoga, a comfy sweater curled up on the couch, or looking glamorous with all your new curves, there’s no “right” way to do your photos.

Maternity photo of woman posing on bed

Alone time.

Let’s be real, this may be the last time you get to do something by yourself for a little while. While many people like to include their partners or children for their maternity sessions, you may consider focusing just on you. Priorities will shift dramatically once baby arrives. Any down time you had will now likely include a tiny human attached to you. Take as much time as you can during this final stretch to spend some time with yourself.

Maternity photo in bedroom studio

Documenting the now.

If this is your second or even fifth pregnancy, family dynamics change once you introduce a new baby. Document your family at its current stage. The “baby” will no longer be the baby. Your oldest will seem even older, overnight. I adore my three girls, but I also loved our family before each new one arrived. It fills my heart when I look back at pictures during each stage of our growing family.

So, have I convinced you? Even if you don’t book professional maternity photos, at least get yourself in front of the camera during your pregnancy. It’s something you may not think you’ll miss, but I can promise you, you will.