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It’s March 2020 and we’re all quarantined in our homes for the foreseeable future. We’re told if we go out we can contract and/or transmit a deadly virus for which there is no cure. There is shortage of supplies, businesses are going under, and the death toll increases daily. It sounds like a futuristic sci-fi movie, but unfortunately it’s real life right now. 


Staying Positive

I am an extremely optimistic person, probably to a fault. When I first learned that we would be stuck at home for several weeks, I was a little anxious, but also excited. I could finally do all these fun activities and experiments with my kids, we could play outside, I could do some house projects. Yeah, that didn’t last long. I’m a workaholic and if I’m not producing work of some sort, I feel lost. Since I can’t photograph babies and newborns in my studio, I thought I would do something to help those who are struggling during this lockdown and also bring a smiles to my neighbors’ faces. 

Front Porch Sessions

I have been doing front porch sessions for years. I love how timeless they are, how simple, and how real. Another photographer posted on Facebook she was using this opportunity to walk around her neighborhood and get photos of families on their porches. Most everyone is home right now and she thought it would be an easy way to spread some cheer. It was a fabulous idea and I decided to copy it 100%. Rather than collect money for these photos that brought me just as much joy as they did the families, I encouraged families to donate to The Central Indiana COVID-19 Community Economic Relief Fund.

My Community

I walked around my little Fishers, Indiana neighborhood and took photos for 16 families. My neighborhood has hundreds of homes, but I usually tend to stick to my little corner of the ‘hood. I walked all around the neighborhood in 40 degrees for 2 hours and had the most fun I’ve had during this lockdown (sorry kids and husband.) I met families I have never met before, we laughed about our situation, we exchanged concerns, we got some fresh air, and we smiled. It felt darn good. I used my super crappy zoom lens (these photos should never be blown up) so I could keep my distance, and I just let families pose however they wanted. I took a couple shots for each family and moved on.

We’re in This Together 

It’s so easy to get discouraged in such an unsettling time full of unknowns and what-ifs. Very few of us have experienced anything like this and we all have a lot of feelings about it. It’s important to know that there is no “right” way to feel right now. Some of us (me) are handling it with humor. Some people are being super productive, creating and taking on projects. Many are still working. Some are crawling into their beds for some much needed downtime, some are missing their social life, some are angry, some are sad, some are scared. However you’re feeling is 100% ok. We’re all in this together, even if we’re not physically together. Life will eventually get back to normal and we’ll say “remember when?” I like to think it will actually be better than normal because we’ll all have perspective and be so much more grateful for the every day. 

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