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I’ve had a run of girls in my studio again, so how excited was I when Charlie and his parents walked through my studio door for his newborn session?! He was the sleepiest little baby boy. As I was getting him wrapped up, he had a huge spit up, and then made tiny little grunting noises all throughout the parent portion of the session. If every spit-up ended with baby being zonked out like Charlie, I would gladly smell like spoiled milk all day. I didn’t see his eyes the entire session and he didn’t even need a lunch break.

He definitely gets his sweetness from his Mom and Dad. Craig grew up in Indianapolis and was a swimmer all through high school and college at Wabash. Ashley grew up in Fort Wayne and played ice hockey through high school and college at St. Mary’s. Even though they both went to single gender colleges, they met in college, when Craig was in a play and Ashley was visiting to see it.

Craig and Ashley have been married for over three years, and enjoy exercise, brewing beer, cooking and baking together. When they found out they were pregnant with Charlie, they told their family using fortune cookies! How creative is that?

Little Charlie gave the hospital staff a hard time, deciding to make his grand entrance at the daylight savings hour. They had a difficult time entering him into their system. He did not, however, give me a difficult time at all. Only my chillest babies get clothes, and Charlie fit that category perfectly. Ashley told me she used navy blue in Charlie’s nursery, and he looked so handsome on one of my favorite navy blankets.

I love wrapping my babies up like sweet little sacks of sugar and plopping them on a Flokati for the ultimate in cozy shots. I hadn’t used my grey Flokati in a while, so I decided to break it out along with a light grey sweater wrap and bonnet from Little Lidz. Charlie was perfection in every set up. He even gave my camera a few smiles at the end of the session.




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