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I seem to have had so many twins lately! Lauren and Pat, along with big brother Brooks brought newborn babies Kennedy Adrienne and Grayson Palmer into my studio for their newborn session. They were both over six pounds and seven days new.

Brooks was so sweet with his new brother and sister. He was super excited to lie down on the rug and snuggle them both. He did incredibly well for such a young guy, giving all kinds of smiles and even kissing them when asked!

If mom and dad were tired (and they should be with TWO babies and a toddler at home!) you’d never know it by their family shots. Lauren and Pat both took turns holding both babies while also loving on Brooks, I bet that skill is going to keep coming in handy with three tiny humans who will all want equal attention.

I have a feeling Kennedy is going to give Grayson a run for his money, she had the best little facial expressions. She looked like she was up to something when they were snuggled up together in my wooden bowl. They sure didn’t mind being next to each other either. Some of my favorites are of them with their arms around each other on a white blanket. Kennedy had put her hand on Grayson’s face, but then moved it right before I took the shot. I tried to reenact it, but it basically turned into Kennedy pinching her brother’s little cheek, which I’m sure won’t be the only time. Of course they looked just as sweet posed separately. My assistant is always really excited for twins- she knows she’ll get her fair share of baby holding in!

Here are some of my favorites from the Chappell twins newborn session.



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